My Tarot story started ten years ago, when my good friend Michelenne Crab pulled out a deck and gave me a reading. I’ve used the Tarot to challenge my perspective ever since. My studies with Beatrex Quntanna and years of experience, have fostered my talent to blend intuition and logic.

I believe Tarot hands you the chance to view life from a new perspective,  exposing opportunities we might not have otherwise felt. This powerful tool explores what might block your ability to move forward in your love, career, and spiritual relationships. After a reading you feel your focus shift, moving into powerful new motions. Check out my daily readings on our Instagram page, @RandRHealings.

In 2016, I learned to use ThetaHealing to bring about change within myself and others.  I find Theta to be a quick and easy way to enhance your life experience and happiness.

My Pranic Healing practice began in 2006. As an experienced Pranic Healer, I mentored Pranic Healing graduates on fundamentals at Pranic Healing free clinics. Additionally, I taught Introduction To Pranic Healing workshops throughout the greater San Diego area.  Pranic Healing is a gentle way to bring about change in your life.

To expand my formal training, I took several ThetaHealing courses (Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, Game of Life, Intuitive Anatomy, and Under the Crystal Grid). These courses gave me significant insights to help others bring change to their experience of life. In 2016, I completed certification to teach in the ThetaHealing modality, and now teach Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, and Manifesting and Abundance.

My journey with Crystal Healing is a natural combination of teachings, including Pranic Healing, ThetaHealing, and others. Various crystals are used where needed on the body to shift the energy causing difficulties in your life. Each Crystal Healing session is a unique combination of crystals and intents tailored to your needs.

Past Life Healing is another natural extension of my other practices. I use a combination of crystals, musical notes, and ThetaHealing techniques to safely bring healing to past life experience, which brings about changes in how you experience this life. 

More recently, I learned to use the Innerwise modality to bring about healings for people and businesses.

I am an ordained minister through Rose Ministries, and have performed wedding ceremonies.

I continue to work towards a synergy of all the modalities to bring you the best care possible.