Without Even Noticing, We Started to Eat Differently.

One night, we went out for dinner and were faced with a dilemma: too many delicious choices. We didn’t know what to order.

After having to tell the server we were not ready three times, we finally decided on two appetizers. Then we waited. When it came, we talked about the flavors we were sharing. We ate slowly. We finished that course and decided on the next. Again, we ordered two appetizers. We talked and ate. And then ordered a side. And finally, a dessert. Each time waiting to see if we were hungry enough for more.What an enjoyable meal! What a great habit we have now adopted! This experience reminded us to be more mindful about the food we were enjoying and to express our gratitude for all that we have.

Got Questions?
R&R Healings now offers intuitive and healing Tarot readings! These are perfect for those seeking direction or guidance with their love life, relationships, health, happiness, and/or spiritual direction.
Spend time with Robin and the Tarot to achieve clarity and direction. Help yourself find purpose and permission to claim your power.

Special Offer!
Many of you already know about our 5 for 4 package deal. When you pay in advance for four healing sessions (Regularly $95/session) you receive a fifth session for free! At a 20% discount, this package is usually our best offer.
However, we will be offering you an even better special to celebrate our new Tarot offering! Pay in advance for four sessions before July 15th and you will get a free two-question Tarot reading, in addition to the fifth session. What a great way to experience a Tarot reading from Robin!

For existing clients, referrals can save you even more. Every time a new client gives us your name, you will get a $20 credit toward your next purchase. Plus, your friend will get a 10% discount. What better way to show your friendship than by sharing our services with friends in need?

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